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When you realize you’re going to be a mama, you most likely envisioned how you want your labor to go, but if you’re being honest you aren't exactly sure how to prepare your body and mind for a successful birth experience and all the changes coming your way.  

Because let’s face it... as women our perception and beliefs around labor is often skewed, limited or down right FALSE! We have been lied to by what we see on TV, the horror stories we hear from everyone and all the conflicting information we read online. The sad truth is the birth process is often over-dramatized with stories of women sweating, screaming, crying, cursing and looking like she is totally out of control!  

But here’s the thing…  

Labor Doesn't Have To Be Scary!

Birthing a baby is not this scary process only focused on pain, anguish and suffering. It is actually a beautiful, instinctual, fearless, experience for you and everyone else involved!  

But the stress and worry you feel often stems from the misinformation you receive which takes away your power and control. 

Trust me, I get it.. I've been where you are mama feeling, stressed and confused by all of the information out there, not knowing who to trust, what to believe and doubting whether I was making the right decisions for me and my baby.  

I’ve got good news for you mamas- I’ve figured out an easier more joyful way... a way that let’s you have the empowering birth experience you deserve without fear or anxiety … and I’m ready to share all of answers with you.  

Hi, I'm Andrea and I was that mama who:

thought I was completely prepared for my first birth. I had read the birth books, was up front with my OB about the all natural birth I wanted, watched the "Business Of Being Born, " and attended the hospital birth class, but none of that was enough to prepare me for what was to come. Instead, I experienced intervention after intervention that put my baby and my own body under immense stress which ended with me hemorrhaging and a 2nd degree tear. My First birth experence was nothing like I had imagined or wanted and I knew that there had to be a better way. 

I was determined to find a natural alternative that would make sure I never experienced that kind of trauma again.

After my birth experience I stopped putting all of my trust in the so called "western" medicalized way of doing things and got out of the Facebook mommy groups that perpetuated the idea that birth is this traumatic scary process. 

Instead, I started researching by reading books and articles and realized I was not the problem or the reason I had a tramatic birth, but the medical system failed me. The system I trusted! I was determined I would never ever lose control by giving other people the power to decide what was in my best interest as a laboring mother. 

With the knowledge, research, and support I was able to go onto have a healing natural water birth with my second baby. 

My successful water birth

Here is a picture after my second son Jax was born. A night and day difference between my first birth where I didn't have the information I needed to feel empowered, make my informed choices and I was not in control of my birth. This was the healing experience I needed to get over my first traumatic birth. 

If you're here chances are: 

  • You feel overwhelmed by the arrival of your baby. 
  • You find yourself searching the web for answers, reading books, or asking questions and aren't getting the answers you need. 
  • You worry about the birth of your baby will not go as planned or need help envisioning your birth. 
  • You fear the pain of birth and not sure how you will cope or handle it. 
  • You need fact based natural focused research, tools, and guidance to prepare you for your labor.

The truth is an enjoyable, fuss free, empowering labor and birth is totally possible for you. 


Imagine having all of the tools, resources and support you need to experience a natural labor and delivery all without feeling scared or clueless.  


The Empowered Birth Mastermind

A 3 month program for Mamas ready to have a natural, holistic birth Over the course of 3 months, you’ll get bi-weekly video modules delivered to you that explain everything you truly need to know to experience a safe, natural labor + delivery  

I want women to feel the natural process of birth without fearing what can be the most beautiful moment in your life, bringing your baby into this world.  

You do not have to do this alone! I will hold your hand and walk you through this process so you can be prepared to make informed choices without feeling stressed or fear labor.  

The "Empowered Birth Mastermind" cuts all the confusion out without paying the big bucks or leaving your home.  

This is how we’ll go from confusion and overwhelm to calm and confident

Class 1: Pain & Fear....the purpose of pain and why you shouldn't feel scared. 

Class 2: Connecting Your Mind And Body.....relaxation strategies & tools to use during pregnancy and labor. 

Class 3: Stages Of Labor....what you can expect from a natural perspective and the purpose of each stage. 

Class 4: Interventions For Mom....being more informed so you can be in control of the interventions used during labor. 

Class 5: Interventions For Baby....learn the risks versus benefits of choices you will make when baby enters the world and how these can impact breastfeeding.

Class 6: Birth Planning, Packing Your Bag For Baby & Baby Home will feel confident packing your bag (if one is needed), preparing for the arrival of your baby, and baby essentials you will need in your home from a natural mindset.

Plus a Private FB group where you can ask your questions, get support and feedback directly from me and connect with other empowered mamas taking the course. 

These are the things I wish I had during the labor of my first son six years ago.  

I created this mastermind because I don't want you to struggle with feeling heard by your provider, not getting your questions answered or experience the lack of information given from a natural perspective. Mamas are not aware of the risks or the options available to them. The word "allowed" is often used when a mother is making her birth plan and trying to envision her labor. I have talked with so many mothers who said they did not feel "in control" of their labor and this is the number one reason so many mothers are experiencing birth trauma. I want YOU to feel in control of your birth!  

Bonus Extras:

  • A private one on one coaching session before the birth of your baby to eliviate any stress and answer your questions to guide you to successfully experience the birth you envision.
  • Access to the "Busting Your Breastfeeding Battles" to guide you on your breastfeeding journey so you can successfully breastfeed.
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1. What if I'm not able to attend a class will I be able to watch it later? Yes absolutely! All classes will be recorded and a link will be given to all mastermind members to replay each class. You will have access to each class the entire length of the mastermnd. 

2. How do I know the class schedule and join the private Facebook group? Once you have signed up for the mastermind an email wil be sent to you with the link to join the Facebook group. All information will be posted in the group and sent by email. 

3. Where are classes? Classes are online and a link will be sent to you before each class and you will have the option to join by phone or computer.  

4. How do I schedule my one on one session with you? My schedule will be posted for you to schedule your own personal session. More details will be given once the mastermind starts. 


I remember when I promised myself I would never feel out of control during my pregnancy and labor ever again. I was second guessing and asking if I was doing the right thing. I felt alone and knew most women around me were still doing the same pregnancy birth routine thing and they thought I was absolutely CRAZY for wanting a more natural informed experience. I thought back to my birth and the feelings came rushing back of feeling unheard, out of control, and exhausted. I knew I couldn't do that again.

I took control of my pregnancy, labor, and delivery! I successfuly had a natural water birth. It was the healing birth I needed and I was in control which made all the difference in my labor and even my postpartum experience. It was absolutely a magical moment I will never forget. 



About Me

Hi I'm Andrea.....a mama of two boys Jax and Crew. My pregnancy journey began for the first time almost 7 years ago and gosh things have drastically changed. The traumatic birth of my first baby truly was the beginning of living a natural holistic life and wanting to know all that I could. I've experienced my traumatic birth and my empowered healing birth I needed.

As a therapist I realized I couldn't always guide and give support the way I wanted to my therapy clients so I decided to go to doula training and provide all of my mama help online. 

It is my ultimate life passion helping women feel empowered from a natural holistic mindset. I want to make it easy for you without having to leave your home, find a sitter, and spend tons of time researching. 

You got this mama!